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Happy Monday!

First of all, we want to thank you so much for taking the time to audition for us. I wanted to update you, we pumped the brakes on casting for me to enjoy spring break (I'm a college professor) and we have picked up some other productions as well. If you follow our socials or the app, you will see three additional projects: Saga of Bowie Longwood, The Song of the Guns (a World War II movie), and Twilight Time Drive In. We will be filming in the order of priority.

Just because you auditioned and haven't heard from us yet, does not mean you didn't get a role for Harmony. In fact on the contrary, we may even be considering you for roles in other productions as well. You may also not get the role you read for in the audition, the writers & producers may see a better fit for you in a different role. Please be patient with us and we will be in touch soon.

Any future filming we do will have COVID regulations in place and you will most certainly receive an LOI before beginning that you will need to sign. If you have already received your LOI, we will be in touch very soon for measurements. Just an FYI Pay rates are based on SAG pay scales and we generally work with your agent if you are represented by one. PS. Even though it was a "stay-cation" that spring break week last week was the shot in the arm I needed to really get excited about casting!! Have a wonderful day! -- Tanille Yow Ulm

Casting and Development Temple Gate Films

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