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Tanille Yow Ulm

Christmas in July? Weird, isn't it?

However people across the world love Christmastime, including the three owners of Temple Gate Films. This love for "all things Christmas" drove Tanille to write the story Abby's Gift, a heart warming story of redemption and forgiveness. She is almost ready to hand it off to Mark for completion. Now, without giving away too much of the storyline here is the gist of the story.


With Christmas approaching, Abby feels melancholy being separated from both of her parents. Her father has been serving overseas and has only seen Abby twice. Abby's mother works a couple jobs to make ends meet. Abby is in a foster care home, hoping to be reunited with her mom and dad. Several individuals in the community step up to help bring holiday cheer for Abby, Paige, and Austin, which brings about the best Christmas gift of all: TOGETHERNESS!


During a recent zoom table read, the actors truly brought the story to life. For some, this was their first time being auditioned by Temple Gate Films. The zoom read allowed the team to see which parts of the script lagged, so it can be corrected. So Tanille is on re-writes of the script to make sure her story can be told the best way possible. Most likely tweaks will take place until the director tells us all "It' A Wrap!"

The logo is undergoing some changes as well, and it may still have a little more to go before Tanille gives it a thumbs up.

Fun Facts about the movie ~


1. There are THREE wedding dresses in the story.....say what? YES, three wedding dresses!!

2. Abby's teacher has already started decorating their entire classroom in "ABC Christmas" for the primary grade students in her class.

3. The saran wrap balls are full of small gifts for the students to unravel. Inside the students will find candy, trinkets, putty, glowsticks, even lottery tickets & gift cards to Subway, Panda, Starbucks, etc. One for the high school, middle school, primary grade classroom, & Kindergarten.

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