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TEMPLE GATE FILMS has cleared two major milestones in bringing WILKES COUNTY LINE coming to fruition. We have chosen an amazing director that has agreed to come on board, and we have reached an agreement on distribution. This clears the way for us to enter into pre-production in less than 30 days.

WILKES COUNTY LINE is a fast paced film that takes us back to 1963 and the era of moonshine chases and early days of racing when local celebrities like Junior Johnson and Willie Clay Call.

The story started with TGF producer/Composer Rick Balentine passing North Wilkesboro Speedway, then calling TGF casing director Tanille Ulm and writing together the 7 page story in a day. Now, TGF head writer has copyrighted and almost completes the writing the script in prep for filming.

Preliminary casting options have also begun, theme music ideas written, crew being selected and all the enormous prep involved is underway.

Wilkesboro Film Commission is becoming an amazing asset as well, in bringing the resources of Wilkesboro to the table with road closures, EMF, fire and police services as well as many other things to numerous to mention.

We are truly excited that WCL will be the first out of the chute as industry professionals have come together to make this story into a reality.

More to follow.

Rick Balentine

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