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With the addition of racing legend Junior Johnson into our fictional story, Mark Rickerby has elevated the intensity and humor of our film. Junior is known to all true racing fans, and his record as a driver is extraordinary.

Junior Johnson

For those who don't know, Junior was a NASCAR driver of the 1950s and 1960s. He won 50 NASCAR races in his career before retiring in 1966. In the 1970s and 1980s, he became a NASCAR racing team owner, winning the NASCAR championship with Cale Yarborough and Darrell Waltrip. He produced a line of fried pork skins and country ham. He is credited as the first to use the drafting technique in stock car racing. He was nicknamed "The Last American Hero" and his autobiography is of the same name. In May 2007, Johnson teamed with Piedmont Distillers of Madison, North Carolina, to introduce the company's second moonshine product, called "Midnight Moon Moonshine". (courtesy wikipedia)

Tanille Yow Ulm

Now the real test is for Casting Director Tanille Yow Ulm to find our "Junior". Someone with the skills to play such a legendary person. We know she will do it, she is a miracle worker. She has also spearheaded the creation of our wardrobe department and already has quite a collection of 1960's style clothing, and secured a 20' wardrobe trailer that is being lettered and made ready to travel to our filming locations.

Temple Gate Films could not be advancing at the rate we are without her, she is amazing and has the stamina of the Energizer bunny.


We are so excited to be updating our IMDB page by week's end list our director and our distribution company. This individual will come on and lead us to a completed film, and we are so looking forward to this journey with him. We will make the announcements regarding him once all legal has been taken care of.

Rick Balentine, Director/Composer

One announcement we can make is WILKES COUNTY LINE will be co-directed by yours truly, Rick Balentine! I am so looking forward to this, and under our director's leadership will learn how to communicate vision and run the set.

I have been excited about scoring WCL, having themes running in my head and taking a very "Americana" feel to the score, but now having input on the look and feel of the film is daunting, and exhilarating at the same time. I know that taking on the padawan director role will be a life changing event for me, and changing the course of all I want to do going forward.

Temple Gate Films has several projects lined up that I would love to Direct/Co-Direct if it works. I will also be the first to fire myself if not for the sake of the project.

Mark Rickeby, Head Writer

On the head writer front, Mark is wrapping today the final edits before director notes, and then can finally breathe! Mark is such a God-send and his attention to detail is incredible. Our script IS the basis of our company's end product, and we are so blessed the he is also a partner and our Head Writer. He has no ego, and no agenda other then making the story the best it can be.

He, along with Tanille, will have a part or a cameo in our film. As hard as he and Tanille have worked, they sure deserve it. Mark I know is looking forward to breathing a bit in July as we ramp up, he has been doing all the heavy lifting with the screenwriting responsibilities. Great job buddy!

Locations are being scouted along with the help of Terri Parsons, the Film Commissioner for Wilkes County, and other amazing forms of help have been coming in via the Mayor, City Services, The Call Family Distillers, Celebration Church and our AMAZING and dear friend, Pastor Tom Bartlett who has become major fuel for the film. We are SO grateful.

Well that's it for now, more soon!

Rick Balentine

P.S. Hey Mark, now you have some time, you need to blog bro!

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