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Writer/Combat Veteran Steve Alexander

Temple Gate Films is so excited to add Steve Alexander to our team. He brings such a wealth of story telling ability, real world experience and overall joy into every project he is involved with. We believe he has more energy then all of us combined! As a core principal to TGF, we love and support our brave veterans and Steve gives us the perspective of a retired Lieutenant Colonel and combat veteran in all projects he is involved with. We feel this has been a long time coming and we just welcome you friend to the Temple Gate Films Family!


“Steve has been not only a valuable asset to our team with his writing skill,

but an amazing friend as well and we are beyond blessed that he accepted the position..”

- Rick Balentine



Steven Robert Alexander served 28 years in the US Army and retired in 2011. Among his military awards are the PURPLE HEART and Combat Action Badge, 2004, Iraq. After retiring from the Army, he promptly began a lifelong dream of becoming an author. He quickly wrote and published 18 solo novels covering all genres and with collaborators wrote another 6.

In 2016 he was invited to come to a film set in New Mexico where a movie was being filmed about a Kurdish family trying to escape from the terror bestowed by Saddam Hussain in the late 1980s. The movie didn’t work out, but the seed was planted for Steve to move into the movie business. Initially intending to fully be a writer and actor, he found himself in the Producer side of the house as well. He formed his own company, Six Rivers Entertainment and within a few years SRE had become a part of many features. As an Executive Producer, Steve has won 3 different film festivals with 3 different movies. From working low budget features to moving up and working with known actors Eric and Eliza Roberts.

THE TASMANIAN DEVIL won 8 Awards at the Toronto Independent Film Festival of CIST 2022. Past winners also include ANOTHER PLAN FROM OUTER SPACE for SCI FI at the James Bond III Film Festival and CROSSING THE LINE, winner of the 2020 Switzerland International Film Festival, the movie featured Iraqi and Hispanic hitmen, and the multi-language film apparently appealed to the critics.

Steve has written 18 solo novels and with collaborations, a total of 23. He has over 30 full feature movie scripts registered with the WRITERS GUILD OF AMERICA. Steve’s combat experiences, and the unique fact that he was the FOUNDER DIRECTOR of the UFO Institute International (Back in 1993 while he was an Army Captain, yes, that got some attention) just gives him a firsthand view of things such as these. He has also been a country music singer, a high school football coach, and to this day on a part time basis, helps training military leaders and soldiers in media relations, Video and Print) at Fort Irwin, California, The National Training Center. His role is that of a battlefield video media reporter who goes up with the troops and reports from the battlefield.

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Cindy  Mastin
Cindy Mastin
Apr 09, 2022

Exciting! Congratulations!


John Edel, Actor
John Edel, Actor
Mar 31, 2022


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